Spring is in the Air

By March 25, 2016News

in the parkMost of us look forward greeting spring with a smile. It allows us to be thankful that we no longer have to shovel the dreaded snow nor the layers of clothing we have to take off just to sit in our warm and comfort homes. Spring is a wonderful season and the perfect climate for some. Others may not experience the harsh winter seasons to appreciate spring but we can agree that there’s something different about it.

What are some of the changes do we notice in the spring season? Blossoming flowers, birds chirping, New York snow birds finally leaving Miami and even a certain aromatic fragrance in the air depending on where you live and I am not talking about Los Angeles. In some countries locals are filled with enthusiasm to see their trees bearing fruit because it’s their way in making provision for themselves and family.

I personally enjoy witnessing spring in New York and for those who have experience New York life, will notice that it can get messy and cold. And it’s not fun carrying your laundry or groceries in a complex with no elevator during heavy winds and snowy days. These days will make you appreciate spring even more.

Where ever you are and where ever you reside I’d like to remind you to breathe. Take the time to realize the transitions in life and enjoy them. Sometimes we’ve become pre-occupied with the rhythm of our own personal lives that we forget to actually change our rhythm seasonally when necessary. Taking the time to breathe doesn’t physically mean to exhaust your intake of air, but rather understanding the symbolic changes and apply it when necessary. This may mean to actually take the time to verbally say I love you, or I appreciate you to the ones that matter to you the most. Or treating yourself to dinner or detoxing yourself from your mobile device and social media. Take the time to actually enjoy nature at the park and not only when it’s time for a barbeque or family reunion. But I do encourage to celebrate life without apology.

Detox yourself from the everyday tradition or the “I can’t wait for the weekend to come” and practice being grateful for no particular reason. I don’t want to imply that you’re not grateful but rather to remind and encourage that Spring is in the air. Make use of the season because before you know it, hot summer, corn picking season is coming. The Spring season could be earth’s way from a detox which now provides us fresh fruits and plants. Blossom to your highest potentials and make use of what life has to provide. Simplicity

Spring is in the Air don’t forget to breathe

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